Acropolis Tour – Half Day – 4 Hours:

Discovering Athens’ Most Iconic Landmark


4 Hours


1 – 4 Persons


1 – 4 Persons: 150€

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Welcome to Athens, the capital city of Greece, where history and culture intertwine. Embark on a captivating car tour with us and explore the city’s rich heritage from the comfort of your seat.

As we drive through the bustling city streets, immerse yourself in the beauty of ancient landmarks like the Acropolis, standing proudly for over 2,500 years. Catch glimpses of other historic sites such as the Columns of Olympian Zeus, the lively Plaka district, the majestic Panathenaic Stadium, and the breathtaking Lycabettus Hill.

Our journey offers a comprehensive view of Athens’ evolution over millennia, from ancient ruins to modern landmarks. Experience the essence of this historic city as we take you through iconic locations like the bustling Agora, the Trilogy of Athens, including the Propylaea of the University, the National Library, and the Academy, as well as stops at the Old Parliament and Omonia Square.

An Athens car travel promises an unforgettable experience, blending the ancient with the contemporary. Join us and delve into the heart of this historic city. Make your reservation now and let us guide you through Athens’ fascinating history and culture.